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Blister Forming and Sealing Machines

Blister Forming and Sealing Machines

Automatic form and blister packaing machine inline(tooth brush packaging machines, ballpen packaging machines.battery packing machine)

  • Germany leading technology, forming ,automatically puts paper card, sealing, cutting, and multi-functions in one machine
  • Adopt human-computer interface, servo motor stepping, accuracy can adjust steps into the distance,convenient operation and durable.
  • You can adjust feeding width, satisfy large size product packaging requirements.
  • Automatic finish the blister forming, which can save larger amount of blister purchase costs for the customer.
  • Machin hand shall place cardboard which can free of the tedious manual operation
  • Automatic removal of the completed pack

Automatic forming and blister sealing machines
Working Process:

working process of blister packaging machines


  • Suitable for toothbrush, battery, ball pen
  • toys,cosmetics,electronics,hardware,pharmaceuticals
  • paper-plastic packaging.


Max Forming Area 250*110MM 280*300MM
Cutting Frequency 12-20 times/min 12-18 times/min
Max Forming Height 40MM 50MM
width of plastic sheet 260mm(0.15-0.35mm) 320mm(0.15-0.35mm)
Max Paperboard 250*280MM(200-500g) 280*300MM(200-500g)
Power 380V/50HZ/7KW 380V/50HZ/7KW
Air ComPressure 0.5-0.7Mpa 0.5-0.7Mpa
Machine Size L4500*W1000*H1800mm L7000*W1000*H1800mm
Machine Weight 1200KG 1800KG

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This machine is sometimes referred to as :

Toothbrush packaging machines, ballpen packaging machines,fully automatic blister packaging machines,battery packahing machines.etc