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CN-4050 Blister Edge Folding Machines

  • Blister folding Machine is To fold the three edges of the formed blister automatically and simultaneously,then insert cardboard to become a kind of hanging card package.
  • Suitable for tools, hardware parts and stationery.

blister edge folding machines for tri edge folding

Model CN-4050 CN-60 (Larger)
Productivity(/hour) 600 times 100-600 times
Max.Folding Height(mm) 150 150
Max. edge folding(mm) 300×500 300×1000
Machine Size LxWxH(mm) 700x900x1600 1000x1500x1600

blister folding machine

Application of CN-4050 Tri Edge Folder:

  • folding of three edges of the formed blister, widely used for making flange folded blister,blister package flange folding, edge blister
  • Mainly Market: USA,Vietnam,Malaysia,South Africa,DUBAI,Indonesia,India.etc

slide blister

Download Brochure of blister folding machine:

download brochure of blister folding machine
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