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Professional Plastic Crusher Machine Supplier,Plastic Bottle Crusher Manufacturer, High Quality and Lower Price From China

J Series Plastic Crusher

J Series Plastic Crusher: 

Noise Below 80db 1 meters away from the machine
Unique heat transmitting system, under the premise of maintaining a fully enclosed, the heat generated by the motor from […]

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S Series Plastic Crusher

S Series Plastic Crusher is suitable for plastic recycling box class, thin pipe, blow molded parts, bottles, shell.And the flat large structure  knife suitable for crushing large volume thin-walled, thin materials […]

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P Series Plastic Crusher

P Series Plastic Crushers are good for varies plastic materilas with common thickness such as PVC,PET,PS,ABS sheet, and plastic board, plastic pipes,plastic bottles and other plastic packaging materials.This kind of […]

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V Series Plastic Crushers

V Series Plastic Crushers are Suitable for Varies kinds of Plastic Materials,Especially good for hard plastic such as PVC,PET,ABS plastic materials and the crushing room use noise arrester, to lower […]

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