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Color Drinking Straw Machines

Drinking Straw Machines

This machine is a series of model by frequency conversion and the system is, mould, cooling water tank or vacuum cooling water tank, traction and cutting equipment etc, have single-color(CN-1C), double-color(CN-2C), tri-color(CN-3C), four-color(CN-4C) for drinking straw.

drinking straw machines
This product is mainly used for all kinds of drink characteristics through a straw, nozzle tubes, rods, cotton candy bar, toothpick, round pearl lead,Watercolor lead, toys tube, industrial casing, the drip pipe and other small-bore tube products.


Model CN-1C CN-2C CN-3C CN-4C
Srew Diameter(mm) 50/55 50/55 50/55 50/55
L/D of Srew 25:1 25:1 25:1 25:1
Motor(KW) 15/22 15/22+0.75*1 15/22+0.75*2 15/22+0.75*3
Frequency power 0.75KW*2 0.75KW*2 0.75KW*2 0.75KW*2
Output 25~35KGS 25~35KGS 25~35KGS 25~35KGS
Lenght of Straw ≥5mm ≥5mm ≥5mm ≥5mm
Outside diameter 0.8-8mm/0.8-13mm 0.8-8mm/0.8-13mm 0.8-8mm/0.8-13mm 0.8-8mm/0.8-13mm
Weight(KG) 1200 1300 1600 1800

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Drink straw machine  is sometimes referred to as :

Straw Machines,one color drinking straw, color drinking straw,red and white drinking straw,flexible drinking straw,one drinking straw, drinking straw making machine.etc