Fully Automatic Strapping Machines Supplier From China
Simply load the strapping onto the machine and feed it through the mechanism. Place the carton on top of the deck inside the arch and press the strap button (or cable type foot pedal) to activate the strapping process.

fully automatic strapping machines

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fully strapping machiens
CN-FP300 Strapping machines
CN-FP500 strapping machines

ModelCN- CN-FP200 CN-FP300 CN-FP500
Strap Wideth 9-15mm 9-15mm 9-15mm
Speed 2.0sec/strap 2.0sec/strap 2.0sec/strap
Power/Volte/HZ 0.75KW/380V/50HZ 0.75KW/380V/50HZ 0.75KW/220V/50HZ
Frame Size(W*H) 800MM *Custom Made 800MM*Custom Made 800MM*Custom Made

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