CN-5000A High Frequency Welding Machines Supplier

This machine is used for various plastic welding and melting meanwhile exscind the useless edge
automatically. can weld PVC&PVC, PVC&Paper card, Paper card&Paper card.
Application range: Toys, stationery, foods, confectionery, game products, plastic cover, cushion etc.
high frequency welding machines

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Specifications of welding machine:

Model CN-5000A High Frequency Machine
Output Power 5000A
Productivity 400-600pcs/hour
Power/Volte/HZ 8KVA/380V/220V/50HZ
Oscillation Frequency 27.12MHZ
Size of DISC 460*600MM
Rectifier Silicon Diode
Vibration Tube 7T85RB
Gap of Electrodes 250MM
Movement Distance 160MM
Machine Size 1000*680*1700MM

Mold of High Frequency Welding Machine:

mold of high frequency welding machine

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