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PET Plastic Sheet Extruder

PET Plastic Sheet Extruder

design suitable for recycle material, with high output and good melting, recycle material;Use in produce PET sheets,reduce pre-drying crystallization of the energy consumption and adapt to the material for the production of the second, high yield, low energy consumption, high-quality plastics characteristics

Twin screw PET Plastic Sheet extruder

MODEL CN-1000 PET sheet Machine (Twin Screw)
Material PET ( 100% virgin and recyled both are available)
Thickness Precsion  0.01mm
Screw Type Brick Type
Screw Size  72*40mm
Max Sheet Width 710mm
Screw Size 72*40mm
Output 400KG(0.5MM PET Width700mm)
Total Power 258KW
Machine Size 18.0*6.2*4.5M

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