Plastic Flower Pots Making Machines are used to make special-shape plastic articles  such as flowerpot, garden pot etc. It is a newly and ideal equipment for manufacturers.

Working Process: Heating—Forming—Punching—Cutting—Stacking (Fully automatic line)

plastic flower pots making machines

MODEL CN-700III Flower Pots Machine (Fully Automatic)
Suitable Material PET,PVC,PP,PE,HIPS
Max Forming Area 700*400MM
Max Forming Depth 180mm
Output 15-25cycles/min
Power Usage 150KW
PLC& Touch Screen Japan& Taiwan
Machine Size 11.5*3.0*3.4M
Weight 10000KG

Structure Characteristics:

  • Forming, cutting and punching mold tables adopt 5-pivot structure;
  • Heating system adopts Italy far infrared heaters with probes;
  • Sheet sending device and forming position adopt Japan Yaskawa servo motors control;
  • Adopt Japan Omron PLC and Taiwan Weinview color terminal touch screen to achieve central intelligent control.

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POTS MACHINE is sometimes referred to as :

Flower pots machine, flower pots pots making machineflower pots machines suppliers.etc