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Plastic Mill Machine

Plastic Mill Machine is an ideal equipment of processing and milling PVC,ABS,PP,PC,PA.etc plastics.Though 20——30% milling powder is added into the processing formula, all physic chemistry characteristics of its product keep the ones while using full new raw material. It is necessary equipment of using waste material,reducing cost and improving economic efficiency.

plastic mill machine


Model MP-350 MP-450 MP-600
Output(Kg/h) 50-150 80-250 100-350
Cutter Diameter  350MM  450MM  600MM
Feeding Diameter  <6mm  <6mm  <6mm
Powder Size  15-80Mesh  15-80mesh  15-80mesh
Power Usage  28KW/380V  50KW/380V  68KW/380V
Dimesion(MM)  2300*1000*3300  3200*1500*4000  4500*1350*4500

Plastic Mill Machine is sometimes refered to as:

plastic powder making machine, plastic mill machines,plastic milling machine, plastic powder machine.etc

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