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Plastic Sheet Extruder(PP,PS.etc)

Plastic Sheet Extruder(PP,PS.etc)
Based on over twenty years production practice, the machine is designed and made as per domestic and international advanced technology. It can produce plastic sheet made of PP, PE, PS, which are mainly apply to stationery plate, drinking cup, jelly cup, packaging bowl, box, etc.

plastic sheet extruder

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Model CN-660 Sheet Extruder CN-680 Extruder
Sheet width(mm) 660 680
Sheet thickness (mm) 0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0
Screw diameter (mm) 90 105
L/D ratio of screw 130 130
Motor power (Kw) 45+4+2.2 55+4+2.2
Max. output (kg/h) 160 200
Heating power (kw) 30 35
Machine size (L×W×H)M 11*2.4*1.8 12*2.4*1.8
Overall weight ( T) 4.8 6.2

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