Portable Vacuum Loader Supplier From China
Portable Vacuum Loader supplier from China

  • Portable design, a very convenient loading and unloading.
  • Microcomputer controlled, a vey easy operating.
  • Alarm function in condition of overload and material shorting.
  • High-speed rectificative motor of portable and strong suction force ability.
  • Induction high-pressure pump of low noise and long service time.
  • An air filter is optional upon request.

portable auto vacuum loader from china

Model Motor power Feed Height Feed capacity Static air Press Hopper Capacity tube Diameter. Demension (cm) Net Weight
Kw /HP M Kg / H pa L mm loader hopper Kg Kg
PVL-300G 1kw 4 350 1550 7.5 38 40*36*52 11
PVL-400G 1HP*3 4 380 1550 10 38 40*50*74 32
Type of Induction and Carbon on motor is optional.
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