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CN-50 Semi-Auto Blister Packaging Machines

  • Heat sealed and vacuum formed clear blister on printed card.
  • A wood mold can be placed on either side. Placement and removal of molds and products are performed manually.
  • Very easy to operate, saves power. Suitable for production of packaging for stationery, hardware, toys, bathroom fittings, etc.

semi automatic blister packaging machines

Model CN-50 Semi-Auto Blister packaging machine
Packing Area (mm) 500×300
stroke 150mm
Capacity 3~4 Sec/pc
Heater Constant capacity 1.8kw
Weight 150kg
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automatic Blister Packaging Machine Blister Edge Folding Machines

blister packaging

Download Brochure of Blister Packaging Machine:

download brochure of blister packaging machine
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