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Single Head HF Welding Machine

Single Head HF Welding Machine Supplier From China

Applied for high frequency blister packaging for double-sides, soft crease box/case making, inflatable toy, raincoat and relatives, or any PVC and PVC contained 30% up

hf welding machine supplier
Specifications of welding machine:

Model CN-5000A HF Machine
CN-8000A HF Welding Machine
Output Power 5000W 8000W
Productivity 400-600pcs/hour 400-600pcs/hour
Power/Volte/HZ 8KVA/380V 12KVA/380V
Oscillation Frequency 27.12MHZ 27.12MHZ
Size of DISC 400*600MM 400*600MM
Rectifier Silicon Diode Silicon Diode
Vibration Tube 7T85RB 7T85RB
Gap of Electrodes 250MM 250MM
Machine Size 1000*700*1700MM 1000*700*1900MM
Machine Weight 450KG 500KG

HF welding machine a good for welding plastic blister+blister, blister+papercard which coated with plastic.
It is also called as high frquency clamshell sealing machine or high frquency plastic packaging machine.