Automatic Hydraulic Cutting Machines

  • Computerized, automatic PLC system for easy operation, maintenance, and reduced downtime.
  • One large hydraulic cylinder with two smaller assisting hydraulic cylinders achieve strong cutting force.
  • Computerized, automatic PLC programming achieves very stable operations with, low breakdown rate, easy maintenance and repair.
  • Cutting board automatically turns and shifts for each cut to prolong working life of cutting board and cutters.
  • Double side operation.

automatic hydraulic cutting machines

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MODEL CN-60T  Automatic Cutting Machines
Max Cutting Area (mm) 810*1600
Motor 5.5KW
Stroke 50-240mm
Cutting Tons 60 Ton

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Auto Cutting machine is sometimes referred to as :

Double operation cutting machine, automatic cutting machines,double feeding hydraulic cutting machines.etc