Vacuum Forming Machines Supplier From China

Vacuum forming is usually restricted to forming plastic parts that are rather shallow in depth.

  • Thin sheets are formed into rigid cavities for unit doses of pharmaceuticals and for loose objects that are carded or presented as point of purchase items.
  • Thick sheet is formed into permanent objects such as turnpike signs and protective covers.

China Vacuum Forming Machines

automatic vacuum forming machines thick gauge thermoforming machines
Thin Vacuum Forming Machines Thick Vacuum Forming Machines
semi auto vacuum forming machines for samples Heavy gauge thermoforming machine
Semi Auto Vacuum forming Machines Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Machines
acrylic vacuum forming machines Dental Vacuum Forming Machines
Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machine Dental Vacuum Forming Machines

Professional Vacuum Forming Mold For Reference:
Vacuum Forming Mold
Normally, draft angles must be present in the design on the mold (a recommended minimum of 3°). Otherwise, release of the formed plastic and the mold is difficult.