Hydraulic Cutting Machines (CN-30T)


1. It is suitable to scissor up leather,plastic, nylon, paper carton, sponge and synthetic fibres,etc.

2. Particularly it is the best choice in cutting single layer or multilayer broad width materials.

3. It is designed with long trip and specially fit for super thick materials and high cutting die.

hydraulic cutting machines

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MODEL CN-30T Cutting Machines
Max Cutting Area (mm) 610*1220
Motor 2.2KW
Stroke 50-240mm
Weight 1900KG

Mainly functions:

1.Cut leather,plastic,nylon cloth,etc; 2.Automatic balance; 3.Precise cutting area; 4.Stroke setting freely

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HYdraulic Cutting machine is sometimes referred to as :

Plastic cutting machines, die cutting machines,clothes cutting machine,leather cutting machines.etc