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Most of the parts of Ice Cube Machine are imported, such as compressor,cooling fans,temperature control,water pump,Valve.

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Specification (Ice Cube Size: 22*22*22MM):

Model Condenser Production Storage Volts/HZ/Power Dimension
TH80 Air 45KG/24h 18KG 220/50/400W 500*560*780
TH150 Air 68KG/24h 39KG 220/50/460W 670*670*920
TH260 Air 125KG/24h 45KG 220/50/700W 670*670*1000
TH500 Air/Water 228KG/24h 210KG 220/50/950W 760*860*1530
TH1000 Air/Water 455KG/24h 281KG 220/50/1650W 760*860*2050
TH1500 Air/Water 680KG/24h 470KG 220/50/2500W 1220*950*1850
TH2000 Air/Water 890KG/24h 470KG 380/50/3700W 1220*950*2030

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Parts List Brand Country
Compressor ASPERA/TECUMSEH Ltaly/France
Expansion Valve DANFOSS Demark
Solenoid Valve LUGONG/ALCO Japan/USA
Filter-Driers ALCO/DANFOSS USA/Demark
Temperature Control PC Board Japan
Pupm/Axial Fans EBM Germany

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