Professional Impulse Sealing Machine Supplier From China

SF Series hand impulse sealers are the most applicable and econimical sealing equipment for shops,families and factories. They are suitable for sealing all kinds of PE,PP.etc. They can be widely used in the industries of food,sweets,tea,medicine.

impulse sealing machine

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Model CN-SF200 CN-SF300 CN-SF400
Sealing Length 200mm 300mm 400mm
Sealing Width 2mm 2mm 2mm
Power/Volte/HZ 300w/220V/50HZ 400w/220V/50HZ 500w/220V/50HZ

Impulse sealing machine sometimes is refered to as:

impulse sealer,hand impulse sealer,impulse sealing machines,impulse heatsealer,hand heat sealing machine.etc.