Soap Blister Packaging

Soap Blister Packaging is a type of multiple packing consisting of cardboardbacking material and transparent plastic top. The advantages of blister packing are: visibility, reliability, cost-effectivenes and originality of the product

soap blister packaging

Soap Blister Packaging Machine for reference:

1. Continuous Blister packaging Machine:  this kind of machine need worker to put the blister, paper card, soap. the machine only do the heat sealing process with continuous runnning.  very competitive price. you can refer to the post of blister packaging machine price list

2. Blister forming and sealing Machine: this kind of machine combine blister forming, heat sealing, cutting together. only need workers to put the soap,that will be ok.

  • working process: roll material– blister forming–put soap—heat sealing—cutting .
  • Advantages: saving labour cost, no need to buy blister or manufacture blister seperately.High producitivty.
  • However, the price of this kind of machine is higher than the above continuous one. so only suitable for large company with high productivity.

blister machine manufacturer

Hope our blister machine can help you a lot of soap blister packaging. any question, feel free to GET Quotation .Thanks!—Professional blister packaging machine manufacturer

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