CN-500B Blister Machine

For Half Blister Card Packing

This kind of blister card packaging machine mainly suitable for (Blister size is smaller than the card size) ( also called half blister packing)

blister card packaging machine
Model CN-500B
Max Forming Area 280*300*50mm
Cutting Frequency 12-15times/min
Air Compressed 6-8 bar
Power 380V/50Hz/5.0KW
Machine Size(L*W*H) 5000*800*1800MM
Weight 1800KG

Opt1: Automatic Labeling

Opt2: Labeling and Auto Feeding

Widely Application

Suitable for Many kinds of products blister Packaging
  • Pencil,Ball pen,Marker Pen,hardware,and toys.etc
  • Also Called Face seal blister,the seal is only on the flange while the rest of the card not sealed.

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